Our Process

Green & Cleaner uses a water-based process called Wet Cleaning. It is an environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning and a process safe for most fabrics. It uses natural water, non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and conditioners, steam, sophisticated computer controlled monitoring systems and highly trained, skilled professional staff.

Wet cleaning is NOT the same as home laundry. State-of-the-art washers control temperature, time and mechanical action according to fiber content. Dryers include computer control to assure that garments retain a proper amount of moisture. Specialized tension pressing machines are used to enhance the restoration of contructed garments such as pants and jackets. Wedding gowns are exquisitely cleaned and preserved. We can restore smoke and water damaged garments beautifully.

The EPA recognizes wet cleaning as an environmentally preferable technology that can effectively clean. Garments and home furnishings get much cleaner, feel softer and last longer. There is no chemical odor. Whites get whiter. There is no hazardous chemical use, no air pollution and no water or soil contamination.

Traditional Dry Cleaning Hazardous

Traditional drycleaners use the toxic solvent perchoroethylene, known as perc. The Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer all classify perc as a likely human carcinogen. California and Illinois are the first 2 states to ban perc, with phasing out programs in place. Other states are in the talking stages.

Perc can enter the body through contaminated drinking water, skin contact or most frequently, inhalation. It can get into the air, water and soil during waste disposal phases of dry cleaning. It can cause headaches and nausea and has been linked to such diseases as liver damage and cancer.